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SALcares by SALrefi is a new program designed to engage potential members in your market on social media and give back to your community. 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all seen numerous restaurants, retail stores, and other small and large businesses suffer financially or ultimately close. However, it has almost gone unnoticed that non-profit organizations are really struggling as well. With so much economic uncertainty going on, many charities have been receiving far fewer monetary and physical donations. They’ve also had to cancel major fundraising events due to COVID restrictions like galas, auctions, walks, and so on.

Nonprofits and charities, the unsung heroes of our communities, are fighting to survive amidst the pandemic. 
We want to do whatever we can to support them.


Our Solution

The SALcares program is Stellar Strategic Group’s effort to support local non-profit organizations our clients serve. In a collaborative effort with our clients, SALcares asks our client’s audience three times a year to select which local charity we should collectively donate towards. We do this by sending targeted social media posts to customers in your charter footprint asking them to select one of the approved charities to receive the donation. We would run these campaigns up to three times a year with each participating client to ensure as many organizations receive additional funding as possible. We are willing to match donations, up to $500, and pay for all advertising costs!

At Stellar Strategic Group, we not only support our clients with their marketing efforts but now we’re supporting the communities they serve.

Program Benefits

You Select The Charities Icons

You Select The Charities

You Select The Charities Icons

Engage YOUR Target Audience

You Select The Charities Icons

Support YOUR Community

You Select The Charities Icons

We’ll Match Donations

(Up to $500)
You Select The Charities Icons

Positive Brand Awareness

You Select The Charities Icons

We Cover All
Advertising Costs

For more information, please email our social media manager, Lillian Hogue, at
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