Auto Loan Recapture Program

Take the Risk out of Marketing Costs for New Loans

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Stellar Auto Loans' turn-key program is designed to generate new profitable loan growth and acquire new households, while eliminating all the risk of marketing costs for our financial institution partners.

Most consumers purchase their autos from the dealership based on monthly payments, not interest rates, and therefore may pay too much for their loan. Stellar Strategic Group uses credit bureau information to identify households in your footprint that meet your unique credit criteria profile and that are paying a higher interest rate for their auto loan than they would at your financial institution.

The prospect is mailed a personalized, prequalified offer letter, which shows the monthly savings for that consumer if they were to refinance with your financial institution. The direct mail offer is supported by outbound calling campaigns, a microsite with secure application, return response acceptance certificates and after hours inbound call services. Applications are completed and sent to your lending department for approval and loan closure.

No Out of Pocket Marketing Costs

All incentives, credit bureau lists, mail, postage, telemarketing expenditures, microsite, etc., are paid by Stellar Strategic Group thus taking all costly risks from your financial institution. You pay nothing out of pocket until the applicants respond.

We receive a small success fee for the funded loans that your loan department refinances as a direct result of the Stellar Auto Loans program. Much like your auto indirect program, except YOU keep the cross sell opportunities, GAP, MBI, AD&D, etc.

Stellar Strategic Group works with your loan team to optimize loan volume. Every four to six weeks we will target another group of qualified prospects, to generate new qualified applicants, building assets for your institution throughout the year. Our team has helped over 50 financial institutions generate millions of dollars in new auto loans from Maine to Hawaii.

Most of our institutions are averaging around 300% ROI from the loans generated with the Stellar Auto Loans program. Our partners enjoy having new, profitable relationships that may have never heard about your financial institution prior to our marketing campaigns.

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