In previous editions of Stellar Insights, we chronicled the pitfalls and opportunities of customer attrition. One area that most institutions tend to ignore (that is both a contributor to attrition and a selling opportunity) is targeting current clients for mortgage refinancing. Very likely, your customers or members are frequently targeted by other financial institutions with refinancing offers. If and when they succeed, you are at high risk of losing the entire relationship.

We are excited to announce a proven solution to minimize exposure to your existing non-mortgage households. Mortgage Analytics identifies current accounts that are prime refinance targets for your institution. We analyze existing mortgages based on interest rate and credit-worthiness, then calculate the amount they could save by refinancing with your bank or credit union.

Mortgage holders with higher-than-market interest rates and good credit are being poached from community banking institutions daily. There’s no reason to let this happen in your market any longer. A proactive approach not only retains existing relationships but also deepens that connection with your account holder. Monitoring your account base to find these existing mortgage opportunities should be standard practice and a key component of any strategic marketing plan.

As part of the Mortgage Analytics launch, we are offering a FREE ANALYSIS of your current database to gauge the level of opportunity that may exist in your market. BONUS: If you sign up for our program before July 1, 2018, we will discount the set-up fee to $250… a savings of $749.

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