ADA Compliance for Websites

Make ADA Compliance a Priority for your Institution's Website

In 2016, community banks and credit unions began to receive legal demand letters for non-compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The W3C set the standards and created the guidelines for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). These guidelines are used to regulate websites so they're usable and accessible for anyone with a vision impairment or physical disability. These non-compliance legal demands could cost your institution tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and human resources if found not to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

Stellar Strategic Group can help you analyze your institution's website to determine if there are any compliance issues related to the aforementioned guidelines. The first step is running a third-party analysis on your website to outline any WCAG 2.0 Level A-AA issues that need to be addressed. We will recommend the next best practices to make the WCAG 2.0 A-AA corrections on your current website, or do a full website rebuild at your request. Our ultimate goal is to help your institution be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

It is not just the Big National Banks that are being targeted with legal action, many community-based financial institutions have received legal demand letters already. This is an issue that needs to be addressed by all community-based financial institutions in 2017 and beyond as guidelines change. Whether or not your institution has received a legal demand letter, Stellar Strategic Group strongly recommends that ADA compliance become a priority in the very near future.

Do not wait for legal action, many of these issues can be addressed without a redesign of your current website. Starting the process and documenting the steps your institution is taking to deal with ADA compliance is critical if a legal demand letter would be received. Additional monitoring capabilities, on a monthly basis to keep your website compliant and updated, are also recommended and available.

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